Fund a Bell


River City Ringers has launched our first fundraising campaign to purchase additional handbells and chimes, and to replenish our account from the recent purchase of our fifth octave! Regular costs still occur, and we continue to need to borrow equipment and instruments from our generous hosts and churches. In order to expand our growing repertoire and support the growth of our ensemble, we need to add to (and continue to maintain) our instruments and equipment.

Donors at the $250 level and above may dedicate a bell to a family member, friend, or favorite ringer! You may dedicate a new bell at each $250 increment. Use one of the many options on our Donations page, and make sure to let us know you’re interested in the Bell Dedication program so we can contact you with more details.

Bell Dedications

BellDedicated To:Dedicated By:
E3In Memory of Ed DoldTeri Dykman
D4In Memory of LJ & Hester BenedictPaul & Cindy Benedict
A#4In Honor of Mary Ann Winden
Together forever with Art, in heart and soul
Daniel & Cyndi Long
Bb4In Memory of Art Winden
Life is ‘flat’ without Art & music
Daniel & Cyndi Long
B4In Memory of Glen ErpDaniel Long
C5In Memory of Glen ErpCyndi Erp-Long
C#5In Honor of Margery ErpCyndi Erp-Long
D5In Honor of Richard GarrettSusan Garrett
F5In Memory of R.C. ThorGary Ozuna
G5In Memory of R.C. ThorGary Ozuna
A5In Honor of Mary BullSteven Bull Family
B5In Honor of Mary BullSteven Bull Family
C6 In Honor of Barbie SenkowRiver City Ringers
D6In Honor of Barbie SenkowRiver City Ringers

RCR owns bells ranging from C3 to D8. Any bells not listed above are still available for dedication. Let us know if you’re interested, and we can help you choose the bell that’s right for you!